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November 23 2012

QMx's Black Friday sale kicks off. There's a fair number of licensed Whedonverse items that have been discounted.

As usual MASSIVELY expensive to ship to the UK. Does it really cost $37 to send a t-shirt?!?! No, no it doesn't!
Serenity maquette, check. Fruity Oaty Girls maquettes, check. Wash is my Copilot license frame, check. And 2 Curse your Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal tees, check! It's a good day.
Bought a bunch of tees. Twenty bucks ground shipping to Canada but the sale makes it worthwhile.
Mirror Universe Wash still scares me.
At the intersection of Cute and Creepy lies both horror and tears. #shivers
I snagged the Serenity maquette. I've been lusting for years. It was time.
Five new t-shirts all for me!!
I love all of the Buffy/Angel, Cabin in the Woods, and Avengers discounted items...

Oh, wait :( lol
cdm22 - all of their shipping is outrageous. I spent 30-odd dollars on three tiny items (keychains & dogtags) in the US.

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