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November 23 2012

Science Channel to air Dollhouse. Today during the Fringe marathon Science Channel has been airing promos for Dollhouse and Terra Nova.

It's great that Science Channel is airing Fringe and I loved that it had the Firefly special but the network should package it with real science programming to balance the schedule.
Science channel should dump 'real science', pay to revive all the old shows, and rake in the money!
So instead of the Sci Fi Channel (*cough*SyFy*cough), now the place for real science fiction is the Science channel?
Hey, it's still more science-y than the History channel is history.
...or The Learning Channel is learning, amirite?
In this case I'd venture to say it's the 'what if?' aspect. With Firefly they asked "Could we be living on other planets in the future?" So it discusses the science behind the fiction.
@AnotherFireflyFan *offers fist-bump*
If they are airing promos then why is this posed as a question? If they're airing promos then it is airing on that channel. I don't understand the unnecessary coyness.
@Like With Pie *fist-bump accepted*

And I agree that science fiction is actually reasonable content for a channel about science. Look no farther than how much Star Trek inspired generations of scientists, engineers, and astronauts. My comment was more a dig on syfy than anything else. ;-)
If they are airing promos then why is this posed as a question?

For most entertainment sites, it's not true without a press release saying so. But yes I've amended the title.
Sweet, I love the idea that Science Channel are airing cancelled too soon shows. I don't mind them stepping away from actual science a couple hours a week.

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