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November 24 2012

20 actresses you want back on TV right now. TVLine readers voiced their opinions on who they want to see on their TV's again. The Chosen One makes the list. The actor's list includes some Whedoneverse choices as well.

I feel it's important to be specific: "I want to see SMG back on my TV something GOOD." Just sayin'.
Ringer was a fun guilty pleasure, but yes, it would be nice if she could get a better role on a great show. Even if SMG does not want a full time tv gig, it would be cool to see her get a guest arc on a great show. Not sure which of my current favourites I would want her to appear in, though...

Some good picks in that list; Ali Larter, Majandra Delfino, Gillian Anderson, etc. all good actresses. Gillian Anderson seems to be working steadily on tv here in the UK though. She was really wonderful in the recent BBC adaptation of Great Expectations.
Think what you will - I loved Ringer. I'm still not totally sure why, but I did.
Janel Moloney. Absolutely.
Gellar in an HBO show would be amazing.
Sarah and Joss would be amazing on HBO. I already have 16 shows planned. Someone please stop me!!
Once Upon A Time... in an episode Jane Espenson writes and Joss Whedon directs.

One can dream, right?
Where was the love for Eliza Dushku? I'd love for her to be on a show right now.

And I liked Ringer too. Didn't like all of it but most of it. I think they just picked the wrong actors for some of the roles.
Where is Summer though!
I'd like to see SMG in a sitcom. Half hour would leave her more time for family, and she was funny!
Who would Sarah play on Once Upon a Time? I haven't kept up a lot with it so don't know which characters might be available. Cinderella maybe?

I want my Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles back! Unfortunately and even if it could be revived and Summer was available, Lena Headey's hijacked over to The Game of Thrones.

I'd love to see Olivia Williams back on American television and all the other Whedon gals in roles they deserve. I could never really connect well with How I Met Your Mother and always wished Alyson had found something more challenging.
She's a good actress. It's rather sad that she never seems to get picked up for anything these days. I do sometimes wonder if after she made her money in Buffy she became extremely selective because she could... but then I'd have to explain Scooby Doo somehow.

Hah. Buffy The Vampire Slayer with the Slayer being 30 on HBO...
I really liked Ringer and hope Sarah will return to TV in something good again soon.

And like ManEnoughToAdmitIt, I'd also really love to see Janel Moloney on TV again. Last time I remember seeing her was in a House episode a few years back. That was back when House still was quite good, so it's been far too long already.
Enver Gjokaj! I so much want him back on my tv! I'd love to see him in a well-written comedy, specifically, but I'd be really happy to see him have a major role in just about anything. I want Gale Harold to work more, too. (Preferably in shows that aren't bad CW dramas.) And David Tennant. (Though he has a show starting on BBC America soon. I don't know if it new, but it is new to me.)

So, yeah, I agree with the majority of both of these lists.

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