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November 25 2012

Jo Chen's cover art for the 'Spike: A Dark Place' trade paperback. There's also her cover art for 'Guarded', the third volume of Buffy Season 9.

In the words of my favorite Facebook and social media guru,

"Oh my...."

I'm gonna be so broke.

I feel kind of sort of fake twitterly friendly with Gischler. Maybe he'd sign my copy for a rib eye.

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Amazing. I love it. And one day, when the inevitable hardcover comes out, I'll get that too...
July? I hope I'll get a better deal from till then.
I don't read the comics, but I remember a cover where Buffy lost an arm. Whatever happened with that?
Not really loving that Spike cover. Something is off. It doesn't look like Spike to me. The hair and the coat yes, not the rest.

The Guarded one is much better.
It reminds me of the way Jo captured Buffy on the first issue of Season 8. A comic book character as opposed to the tv character.

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