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November 25 2012

'Merlin' officially not returning for Series 6. Co-creators and Executive Producers, Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy, comment on the show ending. Cast members, including Anthony Head, comment on the show's end here.

No doubt they will probably have Merlin reveal his powers to Arthur by the end. It would have been awesome however to see a season of Arthur dealing with Merlin and his powers. This season has been great. The actor that plays Merlin is underrated and delivered a very powerful scene early in season 5 where he ultimately tells Arthur to continue persecuting people using magic.
They have been moving the story by leaps and bounds, so I had already assumed that this was their final season. I was pleased that they have managed to bring Tony Head back once this year. I do enjoy the show a lot.
Shame. It turned into must see tv in series 4.
I'm so crushed right now. How can it be over after the crazy turn it just took? Just dying to know how they wrap this up, how they reveal Merlin's full powers, Arthur's acceptance of magic, and the legend's end. Great show and so glad Anthony Head was a part of it!

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