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November 26 2012

Dark Horse digital sale on all comics - today only. It's 50% off all comics (minimum purchase $15). Use "dhdcyber" at checkout.

Ah, now finally to get caught up on "Angel & Faith."

Interestingly, the discounted price is not 50% off the total of your order, but 50% off of each comic, so that (for example) five comics costing $1.99/each cost not $4.98 (half off $9.95) but $5.00 (five comics half-off at $1.00/each).

Well, in any case, $1 feels about right for a digital comic. That's my two cents.
I think I own all digital Buffyverse comics now, except Willow #1 and Panel to panel. Not that I'm sure if they made all digital yet.
The time has finally come for me to start reading Hellboy. This is what I love about Whedonesque - I come for Whedonverse news, I leave with helpful information on a tangentially related topic.
Everyone pick up Alabaster: Wolves and Mind MGMT. (And when buying today, check if what you want is available under "Bundles", because those are already cheaper to begin with.)

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Getting myself caught up on The Guild one-shots and issues of Husbands! Lovely thing to look forward to.

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