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November 26 2012

"The Gift" is one of the best season finales, ever. Complex has counted down what they collectively consider to be the top twenty five best television season finales of all time, and a particular "Buffy" season capper makes the list.

And it functions well as a Nestea commercial! (I guess you need to be a certain age to remember those Nestea plunge commercials...)
Glad the LOST Season 3 finale was in there, but Season 5 was wholly unnecessary. I agree that the Breaking Bad Season 4 finale was extraordinary, but so were all the others... I could've been happy with 2 or 3 on that list as well.

"The Gift" was flawless, but "Becoming Pt. 2" was just as affecting for me. I wish that had been on the list.
Sad there is no love for any "Angel" season finale.
Funny you should mention Nestea since ASH was in Nescafe ads.
Restless was my favourite Buffy finale. I'm re-watching season five now though and don't have much further to go until The Gift.

Glad they included the season two finale of Alias, which was incredibly exciting, and featured one of my favourite fight scenes ever. Great cliffhanger, too. Nice to see South Park getting some love too, even though it is one of my favourite shows I probably wouldn't have included it on that particular list.

I would have included the first season finale of Damages, too.

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Seriously, if anyone ever had any doubts about Joss doing Avengers, I would've directed them straight to "The Gift". The way so many character moments are interwoven between the action and drama is astounding. Plus, some bleakness. Gotta love that.
I would have rated "The Gift" higher. I liked it a lot because not only was it a satisfying ending for the season, but would have worked as a series finale as well. I was so proud of Buffy, it was really her shining moment in the whole series.

Same with "Face Off" from Breaking Bad - that was such a nail biter, with just the perfect mix of series resolution and cliff hanger if they managed to get picked up for season five. Which thank God they did! I would have pulled out one of the LOST episodes from this list and thrown in "Full Measure" from Breaking Bad as well - that final shot (which I will not spoil) was so excruciatingly traumatic, I have no idea how Breaking Baddicts managed to wait over a year for season four to begin without going insane.
I've never been too fond of "The Gift". "Becoming Pt. 2" for me remains my favorite Buffy season finale (because the impact it had on me the first time I watched it was so tremendous).

Breaking Bad's "Face Off" was amazing. Probably the best season finale I've ever seen.

The Friends one (and that picture) makes me feel all nostalgic (and it also was a really great show), so I'd keep that one on my list too.

All four of Sorkin's West Wing season finales were nothing short of amazing, I'm not sure which one is my favorite but "What Kind of Day Has It Been" certainly is a very solid choice.
No love for "The Best of Both Worlds"?
The lack of love for "The Best of Both Worlds, Part I" and the final ep of Season Five of Six Feet under were both disappointing omissions for me.

Series finales were excluded, hence the lack of Six Feet Under.
@Groo: I'm with you on "The Gift" versus "Becoming Pt. 2". The latter addressed Buffy-the-show's core love-versus-duty tension head on; it made its choice and lived with the consequences. (For a while, anyway.) The former fudged the issue, sidestepping the choice rather than making it, and felt cheap as a result.

I'm also very fond of the giggling-fits-in-the training-room scene at the end of S6. Okay, it wasn't presented as the grand finale, but thematically I wish it had been. It's the only sane resolution to Life as Big Bad, and one of the few occasions when Joss really got to let his absurdism out to play.
The site's not displaying properly for me, so I can't check for myself, but if they put "What Kind of Day Has It Been" down for West Wing instead of "Two Cathedrals," Groosalug... well, I don't know what they're smoking, but I never want any of it. My other favorite show, "The Wire," can never make these lists, because the best stuff in that one always happened in the second-to-last episodes.

As for BtVS: I'm gonna plug "Restless" like I always do. Best finale of the seven. I know I'm in the minority here--in fact, I know I'm wrong. But I just love that episode so much...
Thanks for that, allthingsaverage, that makes sense!
ManEnoughToAdmitIt, I'm right there with you -- to me, "Restless" is still the most mind-blowing season finale ever, even after rewatching it so many times.
ManEnoughToAdmitIt, you'll be delighted to know that "Final Grades" from The Wire made the list at #8.
Completely pointless nitpick: the Nestea plunge was a backward fall. Buffy dove front first. ;)

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