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November 27 2012

(SPOILER) New interviews at Collider about the start of Marvel Phase 2. In the headline link, Kevin Feige talks about how Iron Man 3 relates to The Avengers. There's also a few nice tidbits about the tonality of Iron Man 3 here and an interesting interview with cinematographer Seamus McGarvey about (among other things) The Avengers and its sequel.

Contains some light spoilers for the upcoming Iron Man 3.

Every time I see the phrase "phase 2" it makes me think Marvel has some master plan to completely take over the world. If The Avengers was just the end of phase 1 of the plan, I can't even comprehend about how crazy phase 2 is going to be.

Sorry, that was a bit off topic.
I'm happy to see that they're trying to create a new experience with Iron Man 3 and not just rehash what worked for them in the past. Thanks for the wrap up Xhil!
Phase 2 seems to be The Empire Strikes Back phase.
Man, I was kinda hoping for dark. You can do that well with Stark and RDJ.
Simon, if that's the case, then Phase Two is going to be fantastic.
Does that mean Phase 3 will be the one with the Ewokes?
If so, I'm sitting that one out...
Maybe with Joss having a say in things, Phase 3 will end up like how Jedi was supposed to be...You know...with Wookies instead of Ewoks....and Han Solo dying and Courscant instead of a second Death Star built by clones of The Flash. (Did Lucas really expect us to think that since the First Death Star took like 20 years to build, the second and might I add much larger Death Star was almost done in like a year?)

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The first Death Star required the development of new technology, & we don't know when construction began on the secondů

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