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November 27 2012

Neil Patrick Harris talks about "Neil's Puppet Dreams". The first episode is available here.

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Somehow, I came out of that article thinking that they should set Commentary! The Musical to video, where the video is all puppets of Neil/Nathan/Felicia/etc.
I really enjoyed the first episode, and the lyrics make it clear that the Puppet Dreams are not for children (not with the exploding organs et al). I'm looking forward to where ever they go from here!
I also really liked the first episode. Absurdist fun in the best tradition of the Henson puppets. Looking forward to seeing more of this!
The first episode was pretty good. I love how Neil is so very expressive. And it was very funny. (though somewhat terrifying...)
Make sure to watch the behind-the-scenes video, too. LOLed my A off
The behind-the-scenes video IS hilarious, and informs us about an important new issue/problem in today's society. Thank God we have facebook and twitter to solve the problems we all face!

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