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November 27 2012

Happy Birthday, Maurissa Tancharoen!

I think "happy birthday" is sufficient for the main post. Wishing her many more!
In that case, a quick review of Mo's year here:

This year, she (and her partners in crime) exposed Santa's little-known dark side, shared writing wisdom with the Nerdist, won accolades as a Lupus Warrior Princess, inspired more Lupus fundraising, released an EP of upbeat songs on downbeat subjects, worked on the Dr. Horrible sequel, worked on the S.H.I.E.L.D. premiere, and got a lot healthier!

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Her and Jed's Christmas songs are part of my iPod playlist, along with holiday standards and....well...rather interesting songs, too. Happy birthday, Maurissa
Happy birthday Maurissa :)
Happy birthday, Mo! I wish you a healthy body filled with joy, a warm heart nurtured by love, and a creative spirit that grows ever stronger.
She is one my favorite women in the Whedonverse, talented in so many aspects of her life. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday Mo T Weeds!
As a person who has chronic pain and some other health issues, the way Mo deals with Lupus really inspires me. So, Happy Birthday Maurissa!
...and many many more.
Happy birthday Maurissa! And to my 4 year old nephew Jordan as well!
So Many Happy Birthdays to the Mo - I'm so glad she's all healthy and sassy and busy with the stuff.

A Fakeu for her.

Grey winter creeps in,
Here is her fresh green present:
only a crappy poem.

Happy springtime of your life, Lady Mo.

; ]

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