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November 28 2012

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith #16. It's the first part of the "Death and Consequences" arc.

I won't have my copy until tomorrow but I'm spoiled and this issue sounds great with one hell of a ending and twist.
Came to it unspoiled, managed not to turn to the end in advance, and... blimey.

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The best issue of the season.
Really good issue, but... Giles or Ethan?
SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. I totally did not see that coming.
I really have nothing more to say, just because it was great!
The best of the season, all titles included!
It was plain great!
Plus Rebekah, what an artist!
Did I say how great the issue was?
My summary and not-quite-review...what just happened?! Christos Gage, you spin me right round baby right round...

I need more theories, please, everyone throw them at me.
Okay, what?!?!? The empty coffin made the ending not quite as big of a shock as it could have been, but now I'm vacillating between hope and fear. If Angel has been collecting pieces of Giles' soul, that can't really be him, right? But I'm so glad to have him back that I don't want to consider any other option but that that's really him (unless they make things right by kicking out the impostor who's using his body and put Giles' soul back). Writers, you better not have given us this wonderful surprise only to rip Giles away from us yet again.
I had no idea what was coming. I knew something was up when the body was missing but did not expect to see Giles standing in front of me(well not really in front of me).
What a wonderful twist! I have SO missed Giles.
WHAT!? Did NOT see that coming...
Okay, wow. I did NOT see that coming (even with the empty coffin). And waterfallbooks, yeah, I think that we just met soulless (or mostly soulless) Giles, which is a really disturbing thought!

This series has been really interesting and exciting, and now they have just pushed it up to thrilling. I cannot wait to see what happens next.
Well, this is why the AF comic is so much better than Buffy. This is not who it seems to be, I am positive. And I still hold that in the end, everything revolves around Dawn... it will just take about 3 more years to get there.
This issue had many wonderful moments. I loved the beginning fight scene, reminded me of Angel Investigations. The silent moment between with Angel and Faith was just beautiful. Never mind the ending....ahhh!!!!!

I must also mention cover A of Faith is just gorgeous.
I guess I am just burned out on the whole S9 'suspense' flack. So, as such I am completely unexcited on the entire Giles' resurrection/undead animation/possession by (!not quite dead /vanquished) Eygon business. Can we get it over with please and move on back to Twilight/Whistler Apocalypses plot? Thank you. I guess spoiling everything in advance in previews/covers , and then expecting 'Did you see it?' moment ? is getting dull on me. Or maybe I am being desensitized by the whole repeated Who is the great betrayer? Who is her baby's father? Morha's blood is about to be spilled! business, to the point of going - HEH - really ? At every new 'fresh' plot twist. Bring it on, DH, you have not got all of the audience yet as cynical as me. :) In any case- that was a decent issue - if not as great as #15. Did not like all the extra melodrama with Marianne the Slayer. Nadira is definitely overstaying her welcome and being written as the mouthpiece of all the Angel-hating community out there. Other than that - liked it a lot.
The panel where Angel and Faith look at each other about hitting the coffin. Perfection!
I've said it from the beginning... Angel and Faith just has a FLAWLESS team working on it... Christos is an incredible writer, and Rebekah is my favorite artist!!!

And I gotta say, I LOVED all of the mentions of Drusilla. Nadira telling off Angel about Dru was harsh and kind of amazing... I love guilty Angel hahaha.

Very pleased with myself that I avoided spoilers for this one so my jaw properly dropped on the last page. Yeah, the empty coffin foreshadowed it but I was still surprised. And, now, very much intrigued about what's coming.

A&F has been consistently good from the beginning, on every level: characterization, story, art... my favorite Buffyverse book right now, by far.
I somehow managed to avoid spoilers, and I was SO EXCITED!! now Im sure it's not quite like it seems, but having Giles back would be so amazing (real Giles!) :)
Really liked this issue.

Two random lines that caught my attention with possible meta meaning (probably not intentionally, but I had fun thinking of them this way):

P. 3: "Except being burned to ash." -- made me think of MR. ASH, especially with the focus being on Giles.

P. 13: "Jesus, even I don't understand it." -- seemed like Christos channeling his own confusion over the S8 plot, using Faith as the mouthpiece.

And yes, that cover was beautiful.
P. 13: "Jesus, even I don't understand it." -- seemed like Christos channeling his own confusion over the S8 plot, using Faith as the mouthpiece.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's a legit interpretation. Although I suspect that characters commenting on how Twilight didn't make any sense is going to become a running joke in S9/S10.
Yeah, Gage and Isaacs not only know what they are doing, they totally have the SPIRIT of the best Buffy. My buddy just sent me this week Amazing Spider Man cause he was so excited about the quality of the writing. I read it and I was like, "Yeah this is SHARP" and then checked the writing credit. Christos Gage.

Dark Horse and US US US... are VERY lucky he is sticking around for next season.
Ya I read his Legends of the Dark Knight digital comic-good good stuff.

Did not see that coming.

Remind me, do magical devices still work if they haven't been discharged? (Thinking particularly of Orbs of Thesulah here) When I saw the empty coffin, I didn't think 'where's he gone?', I thought 'who's done this, who's got him?' I can't be the only one thinking WIllow had something to do with this? Maybe she met the aunts? She'd do it if she thought she could, without doubt.

What a fabulous issue. Can't wait for mext month's. There's something for me every week at the comic shop now, it's great!
Finally got my copy of Angel & Faith # 16,Part I "Death And Consequences."I think most people have hit the major things in the issue so I'll keep it short.Really enjoyed the issue.

It feels like this arc is continuing the payoffs started last issue with the Whistler and Pearl & Nash reveals.We finally got a showdown between Angel & Faith and Nadira.Also loved the Giles flashback and it speaking to Faith's current situation.

And what can be said about the surprise ending with Giles that hasn't been said.I think it might be Ethan in Giles body but we also know Ehygon is going to factor into this arc so maybe it is inhabiting Giles.

So another great issue iMO

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