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November 29 2012

"Make sure your desk faces the right way." Joss Whedon on overcoming writer's block.

"Very often I'll see a movie that'll completely inform what I'm writing, which will bear no resemblance of any kind to that movie. I'll just know how I want to feel when I'm writing it. (Episode 10 of season three of Buffy: totes indebted to The Last Temptation of Christ.)"

I love that Joss just happens to mention four of my favourite film composers as good writing-accompaniers.
My desk doesn't face the right way. I think that's why I suck.
Every time Joss writes words that I get to hear or read, I end up smiling. This is no exception.
I believe that Stephen King once likened it to kissing a corpse. But then, he would.


Also enjoyed the inside look at Amends. And the ending that Joss didn't know how to write. May have also gotten some helpful hints about writers' block, but hell, I procrastinate on writing by reading helpful hints about writers' block, so I never know what's going on with that.
Joss is always wonderful, but I loved Ayelet Waldman's piece.
And thanks to Joss I now know what Verisimilitude means. Before today I had never heard of it. Very cool.
Joss watched Julie and Julia?
Wonderful, definitely bookmarked that page! I am feeling that "last minute panic" almost everyday nowadays, but it's good to know Joss goes through the same. This also reminds me of a song I made about Writer's Block once -- appallingly sung (by myself) but I do mention Joss at some point. Maybe I'll unleash it on the internet one day...
This is great (and timely!) but how on earth did I miss the interview Rookie did with Joss earlier this month?

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gus, that's from last year. That's why you might have missed it. It was covered here at the time.
Thanks, Simon! This looks like such a great site and I love that this world of Whedon introduces me to stuff so out of my typical haunts.
The blank page is scary, but itís also sacred.

Well, there's a new turn on sacra pagina.
Wonderful! Loved Joss's start and finish, oh that man is FUNNY, but as far as Real Advice goes, you can't beat "Everything can be rewritten - except nothing." It does look like a fun site, will have to poke around it sometime when I have more time (in a decade or so?).

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