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November 29 2012

Neil Gaiman mystery project with Tony Head revealed. It's a BBC Radio 4 adaptation of Neverwhere with ASH as Mr. Croup. Awesome!

The cast is amazing but it only makes me even more disappointed that it is a radio show instead of a movie/tv show.
Heh, me too. I tried to be optimistic but all I could think was how badly I wanted to see these actors playing these parts on a screen.
Yeah for radio, an awesome medium. Give you imagination a whirl with a great radio play or audio book. Also I can listen whilst working wheras I can't get away with watching a movie whilst at work!
ASH is in Bleak Expectations Series 5 on Radio 4. I managed to find the first 4 Series online. He plays a deliciously evil villain with this wonderful villainy laugh. He also plays a second character that's very nervous and timid. It's an impressive medium and I'm so glad I can listen to it on the internet.
Let me add another hooray for the radio. I think it's a wonderful and under-appreciated medium. Looking forward to this.

I've yet to finish Bleak Expectations Series 4 (while it is a truly great absurdist comedy full of brilliant moments and ASH certainly is excellent in this, but it did get just a little bit repetitive after the first three series) but I'm already recording season 5 and plan and look forward to listening to it someday soon.

Another great absurdist radio comedy that I'd urge everyone here (and especially Ktara) to check out is Cabin Pressure, which, like this new Neverwhere series, stars the great Benedict Cumberbatch (along with Stephanie Cole, Roger Allam, and John Finnemore, who are also brilliant).

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I loved the "Neverwhere" book and TV series, so I'm sure this will be great as well!
As Freddie Mercury once said, "Radio, someone still loves you."
Radio used to be called the theater of the mind. With a little practice you can get used to making up the visual images for yourself, or doing without them altogether. Give it a chance. Gaiman, ASH, et al will make it worth the effort, if any.
Jim Henson Studios has had the movie rights to Neverwhere for quite some time but unfortunately, they could never quite get the project off the ground. I think it mainly came down to getting the funding for the budget.

So while this looks like an amazing radio play that I look forward to hear, it's still a shame that it's never been made into a full proper movie.

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