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November 29 2012

Franco Urru has passed away. The Angel and Spike artist who worked with Brian Lynch on the various IDW books has passed away.

I saw the news at Brian Lynch's twitter where I linked to.Condolences to his family and friends

He was one of us :(.
Very sad.I was just looking at his last piece of verse work he did.It was the Spike/Mars Attacks piece he did for NYCC last month.
This is so sad :( I always dreamed I would get a Spike commission done by him someday...

Very sad time.
Damn, I feel sad now.
I am so so sorry to hear that. He was a wonderful artist and seemed like a genuinely nice man.

He was young too:-( I wonder what he passed from?

A great shame indeed. He did some wonderful work that so many of us enjoyed. I feel for his family and loved ones.
I loved his take on Spike as I always thought he really got JM's body type spot on.

He will be sorely missed.
Oh no :(

Rest in peace, Franco.
RIP. I didn't read the books but I liked his art from what I saw online.
RIP.. really enjoyed his work. always wanted to get him to sign an issue for me but he never came to the Cons I was at... he will be missed.
This is incredibly sad. I hope he knew how much we all appreciated him. He was so incredibly talented and he brought some wonderful stories to life. Thank you, Franco.
Moving tribute from IDW Editor-In-Chief Chris Ryall found here.
That's a wonderful tribute from Chris Ryall. Thanks for sharing. An extremely talented artist and a very sad loss.
I really liked the atmosphere of his comics. I had hoped to see more from him. alas.
I really loved Franco Urru's work, particularly in partnership w/Brian Lynch. I will treasure the comics I own that were drawn by him.
May God bless his family and friends in this horrible time of loss. :(
What a tragic bit of news. Seeing Urru on the same panels with Lorne makes me even sadder.
Really sad to hear this. I loved his work.
Sad news. I'd hoped to see him work on Angel and Faith sometime, too. RIP.
So sad to hear this. Franco's art was my introduction to comics
Very sad news. R.I.P.
R.I.P Franco, you have done a great job sir.
I met him at this year's Fedcon in Germany - can't believe he's dead!
The german publisher of the Buffy comics had a nice offer there: buy the newest comic and get a picture of the character of your choice drawn by Franco Urru. So I've got a great pic of Spike drawn by Franco Urru including a dedication to me - and a photo of Franco with me and this pic.
Such sad news. He will be greatly missed.

I love his work - the sense of motion, the humour, he got the characters, he really was one of us. Before this I hadn't seen the wedding illustration he'd done - there is now a large lump in my throat.

RIP Franco, my condolences to your family and friends.

This is so sad. I've had a few conversations with him over e-mail when I bought his art, and he was funny and nice. I'm not used to death and it feels so weird that someone I've talked to and joked with is gone.
His work on After the Fall remains my favorite Buffyverse comic art. I've missed his art for a while, and this is hearbreaking.
Sad news. He was my favorite. Every page was art.
Very sad news.

I've always liked his work on After the Fall.

He will be missed. He was one of us.

Rest in peace, Franco.
It's always a sad day when someone passes before their time. I know very little about the man other than that I liked his art. But that's still a kind of connection. He will be missed.
Very sad news. I loved his work. So detailed and fluid. He was very talented.
What a loss. He was a very talented artist and, from what I've heard, a lovely person.

I loved his art in the IDW Angel and Spike comics. He and Brian Lynch were a perfect team for Spike. We were lucky to have had his art as part of the Whedonverse.

My condolences go out to all of Mr. Urru's family and friends.
After the Fall was some of the best work in terms of art and story that we've seen in the Buffyverse. His part in bringing that great story to life will never be forgotten.

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