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November 29 2012

The Avengers is one of the ten finalists for the Best Visual Effects Oscar. The five nominees will be announced with the rest of Oscar nominations on January 10th.

It better get nominated.......

How amazing would that be? And if it wins, well, I'll throw a party :)
They made it official (according to the article update.) Could we see a Director nod for Joss...or, dare I dream, Best Movie?
Oooh, I really hope so - even if that means that I have to watch the Oscars.
It absolutely should win. The VFX work is impeccable.

How's the Hobbit in there, when it hasn't been released???

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@bivith If I remember correctly, the Academy gets to screen movies such as that before they come out as to take them into consideration for the Oscars. :)
I think it is a contender for the Hulk alone. The animation work for him was some of the best I've ever seen in a CG character.

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