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November 29 2012

Much Ado About Nothing gets a release date! "Roadside Attractions and Lionsgate have set a June 7 opening for Much Ado About Nothing... The film will open that day in five markets and then broaden out on June 21".

Hooray! Looking forward to seeing what five cities it opens in first.
Sweet. I really hope it turns up in Gävle or Sandviken, Sweden, eventually. I so want to see it with a crowd. But I'm guessing that's probably not going to happen.
Hooray! Looking forward to seeing what five cities it opens in first.

I'd like to think Stratford Upon Avon would be one of them.

The date ties in nicely with the Can't Stop the Serenity screenings.
This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo far away :-(

I'll probably see the first episode of S.H.I.E.L.D. before the DVD/Blu Ray comes out so I can import it :(
Bummer that it will be so long before we can see it. I'd hoped that we'd get it in the springtime after all the Oscar-hype movies go away and before the summer blockbusters come out.
Well, it's less than 6 months away. Sounds good to me.
And I'm hoping to do a reading of Much Ado for my birthday July 14, so I can ask all my friends to go see this one with me for inspiration! <3 SO EXCITED!
I was so excited till I saw I have to wait till June.
No. No, of course I didn't tweet Roadshow and Lionsgate pimping out Portland. Why do you ask?
I'm reading it now. Great news!
Finally! Can't wait to see it! :)
It's funny how some of us see time. As my husband says, anticipation is a great amplifier. 8-)

Thank you for improving my not-so-great week! Happy early birthday gift to me! *happy dance*

"Sigh no more ladies, sigh no more...."
It will open wide against Monsters University and World War Z. 5 million wide opening weekend? I think 10 million may be asking too much for a low budget Shakespeare film. Hopefully it'll have legs and can end above 20 million domestic which would be quite the profit considering the non-existent money that was probably spent on it.

Edited. I'm hoping it can perform like or even better than Moonrise Kingdom for comparisons of a small movie opening in the middle of summer blockbuster season.

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I'm really excited and super bummed at the same time. We got a release date - Yay! I have to wait until June - slightly painful.

You know what would be a great way to hold me over until then? A trailer. : )
Not sure if it'd be a whole other post, but the quotes from the story that was just posted about the release date kinda make it seem like he's dissing SMG, although I'm sure it would sound different in context. But still, the writer makes it seem that way.

“Amy’s the best actress I’ve ever worked with. Get ready for an ace star performance. People were speechless,” Whedon told EW in an interview before the movie premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. “We started the home Shakespeare readings 10 years ago or more. It was season five or season six of Buffy. Sarah Michelle Gellar did not do the readings. A smattering of writers and actors from the shows did them. With Much Ado, eventually the technology changed to the point where you can make a movie, and not just a stage reading, but an actual production at home.”

Ouch to every other actress he's work with haha. And why specifically namecheck SMG not being at the reading? I dont know, this article confused me.
I'm hoping it can perform like or even better than Moonrise Kingdom for comparisons of a small movie opening in the middle of summer blockbuster season.

I think that would be considered success beyond anyone's wildest dreams. A small-budget, black and white adaptation of a Shakespeare play without a single big name movie star in it? I think the victory here is just getting it released. I don't think anyone should have any illusions about it doing serious box-office (and I say that as someone for whom this is the most anticipated film of 2013).
mark214, Joss clarified those EW comments back in September here at Whedonesque
And why specifically namecheck SMG not being at the reading?

That reads like the answers to a bunch of questions with the questions removed (that or he'd just had a stroke). So presumably the namechecking of SMG is because someone asked "Did SMG participate in these Shakespeare readings?"
Ah, thank you! Guess it wasnt just me that thought so then :)
Am excited for some Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof screen time!
Ooh... maybe we'll get it at SIFF! Crossed fingers.
I've put the 7th and 8th in my dayplanner, time to gather the Greater Los Angeles area gangs together. I wonder if this is a midnight screening kinda movie like The Avengers was.
Ok, I have a dumb question. What does it mean when the article says it will open in 5 markets? Is that five city areas? Or does that mean something different? I'm already telling myself that I'll see the movie on the 21st, but I won't complain if I find out I could see it sooner.
5 markets most likely means the 5 largest US markets. So NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philly and San Francisco most likely or something similar to that. Then it will open in all major metro areas. Probably will never be wide like a blockbuster so maxing out at around 1000 screens or less. Seriously doubt there will be any kind of midnight showings. That is reserved for action blockbusters most of the time.
June 7th is on my calendar. I'll be driving back north from Georgia that week, so stopping at any city on the East Coast would not be out of my way. Perfect timing!
Toronto is another good bet. It was at TIFF and we do have our very own rabid fan base. Plus - 3M people.
I'm thrilled that we're finally getting news about this, even if we still have to wait a while.

Is this likely to mean anything for an international release? As in, are these kinds of deals coordinated so other countries could get the film on June 21st, or could they even get it earlier, later, or does this mean nothing?
(Basically I'm sure this could do very well in the UK and I'm impatient. It would have a huge audience in London, and a Stratford-Upon-Avon opening here would be wonderful.)
June 21st is my birthday.....

Do not be surprised if you have to wait a long time to see this Bluelark.

Heres hoping they put it on demand or online at the same time as the wide release like some other small movies have recently.

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I'm thrilled to have a release date! And I really hope that Chicago is one of the lucky cities (because I can visit my brother and get him to go see it with me). This is very exciting... I can't wait for June.
June! I was expecting Jan or Feb. June is too far away! Gak!
I agree with electricspacegirl. Why June? Why not sooner? What not Wondercon in Anaheim during Easter weekend (hint-hint)?
In fact, why not release it on iTunes a little sooner?
I want to see advertising promos that say, "From the man who brought you The Avengers..."

We need T-shirts, hats, mugs. I want action figures! I've never bought an action figure, but I'd buy these.
Now we got to wait for the international distributor to announce the dates for international markets.
Personally I want to see promos that say "From the man who brought you The Avengers and also starred in Scary Smash..." Seems like that might bracket the target demographic somehow. Or possibly "From the man who can apparently do anything..."

Also, it's true that there are no big-name actors involved in the project... which means that the biggest star in this particular film is Joss himself.
Well, it does have Nathan who is the lead on Castle - which averages around 11 million viewers a week. I doubt 11 million people know who joss is.

I'm inquiring re UK release.
. I doubt 11 million people know who joss is.

I think they do now.
We are near New York so I am keeping fingers crossed.

I want to see advertising promos that say, "From the man who brought you The Avengers..."

Totally! And I would buy an Amy / Beatrice action figure in a heartbeat :). I am so very excited about this. Even though it isn't penned by Joss and I am a big fan of Joss The Scribe - I hear that Shakespeare is also pretty good, as far as the wordsmithing goes. (Why isn't there a comic book called The Bard and The Scribe, in which Joss and Will are a time-traveling crime-fighting duo? There really ought to be...).
Smiling ear-to-ear! Hee, hee!!

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