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November 29 2012

Kickstarter for "Showrunners: A Documentary Film". Many showrunners in this documentary, including Joss Whedon, Jane Espenson, and Steven S. DeKnight.

This is really intriguing. I hope it raises the money it needs.
And the trailer includes a typically apposite comment from Joss Whedon. Tim Minear??
Been waiting for this project for so long.
It seems like there is some information missing about who is making this film. I see info about the composer and it says the filmmakers are "tv fans'" but I don't see anything more specific (or am I missing something?) Sounds like an interesting film, but usually when I give money to a kickstarter, I know exactly who I'm giving it to.
If you click on the bio, it lists Des Doyle as the director. Doyle appears on the IMDb page for the documentary, along with other cast and crew.
Intriguing. I wish the level to get a DVD/Bluray wasn't so expensive! I love having physical media. I'll have to watch this one...
Thanks watg -- missed that!
I backed World of Steam and Lust for Love on a whim, so I went for this one too. Kickstarter is becoming quite the thing. Or something.
Looks pretty interesting, so I've put my pledge in.

Not sure whether this has hit the fansites of other showrunners, but I think it will need to in order to reach the required amount.

I've backed quite a few things on Kickstarter now, although all game related besides this and a documentary on David Lynch. Not had anything actually released yet though and that will be when we will see whether Kickstarter is a success or not. I can see 2013 being an interesting year for the site.

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