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November 30 2012

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy Season 9 #16. Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics.

Preview looks good.Hope things start really picking up in this arc.
Phil Noto is a perfect match for Buffy art!
OK, liking the preview. Nice to have Buffy back and will be interesting to see how Billy fits in to her life. Hope the cover pays off and we see Xander and Dawn again.
Uhh, gotta be honest, didn't like the preview at all. Don't like the art, period. It's ugly and super exaggerated. For example, the zompires on the top of preview page 2 look absolutely ridiculous. They guy on the ground on the bottom of page 2 looks like some sort of werewolf. Buffy on the top panel of page 3...I could go on.

But also, most importantly, it feels like they are sacrificing Buffy's character to build up Billy. Making her look sloppy and, well old in comparision. Buffy basically got her a$$ kicked in the preview while Billy saved the day. I wanted to see more of a teaching approach from her instead of her falling on her face and them swooping in to save the day. Yeah, so far, not feeling this....hopefully the rest of the issue will be better. And the cover is gorgeous.
Seriously, did you expect something good drawn by Jeanty?
We're talking about DH's best selling title, and the regular artist is the worst they could ever have, instead of having their best there drawing.
And the funny thing is that he was relieved for issues 5, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, so the last months he had plenty of time to work on it and not to do a sloppy job. Instead, he's getting worse and worse each time.

Lets hope we'll get rid of him for season 10, and that they'll get someone better, like Rebekah for example.

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zianna cool it on the bashing, that's your first and final warning.
What do you mean bashing? I merely said my opinion, which happens to be the opinion of many fans. I know people that stopped buying the Buffy comics because of the art.
Anyway, point taken.
I'll cool it on my bashing.

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That you will.
Hm. Anyone else get the feeling that was a smarter and faster than normal zompire there?
That was the first thing I thought. Don't think it was meant to make Buffy look sloppy, but suggest there's something else going on. Good stuff.
For the record, Jeanty's art was the only thing in S8 that kept me reading past Twilight arc. Without him drawing Buffy in S9 I would not have bothered to open a single issue of S9. Not to mention that GJ is Joss personal pick for the comics. Not to bash anybody, but for that matter I don't appreciate Rebekah's drawing male characters - especially her earlier take on Angel - all that much, and I still find her art to Disney/manag-ish for my liking, making the feel of the series too 'young adult' as opposite to the dark noire adult vibe that AtS had on tv. So, to each their own, just saying.

As for the preview - it is OK, I guess. Jeanty once again excels in drawing panoramic views of SF - the image of city is perhaps my favorite part of Buffy series right now. The fighting scene has a transitional, eerie feel though, as if nobody's heart, including the artist and the writer, is really in it ( the fight), but everybody is ready to move on.
The art definitely seems different than, say, issue one this season, but for me it looks like an inking difference, not a pencilling difference (despite being the same inker).

ETA: By which I mean the inks seem somehow heavier than usual.

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Not sure why people have such harsh critiques, I like GJ art, sometimes I don't agree with the clothing choices but that's it, otherwise I enjoy his take on the buffyverse
Jeanty is at his best when drawing small character moments and simple conversations between the characters. He is great at having the right panel layouts that make the conversations flow and not become rigid. Unfortunately though, this season has been almost completely devoid of those scenes.
I agree with The One True b!X. The inking does seem to be heavier. I like Jeanty's style but the inker seems to have taken a new technique, which doesn't mesh very well with Jeanty's style. Also, could it be, possibly, that Zompires are getting smarter? Like, their Combat IQ and stuff, it evolves the more they hunt and kill?
Jeanty is great at drawing the emotions, and usually I like his art. Rebekah simply has a different style, and I love very much. But, I agree with those who say, which she can not capture the emozion on Angel's face. While she is much more good with Faith and the "Connor" Rebekah's, I didn't like it at all.

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