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November 30 2012

Dark Horse Digital's "Angels & Demons" Sale. Select issues of "Angel" and "Angel and Faith" are on sale for $.99.

And also, pick up Alabaster: Wolves like I keep telling you to.
Thank you for this tip! I've been meaning to get caught up on my Angel and Faith in time for when shows up, and this gave me the perfect starting point with the first five issues at $0.99 each.

(Why, yes, I AM aware A&F is really, really good and that I've been missing out. I've kind of been holding out on purpose so that I still have something nice to look forward to, since Buffy S9 has mostly been a letdown for me so far.)
The One True b!X, you beat me to that -- I just wanted to post that I took the opportunity to finally pick up the remaining issues of Alabaster:Wolves :-). Damn you, free comic book day...
There's a new Alabaster story that started in the most recent Dark Horse Presents.
Great, I'll check that out once it gets cheaper. Really liked the first five issues -- atmospherically dense, raw art, and a good sense of dialogue and pacing.

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