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"I can see the maudlin segment of tonight's binge is in full swing."
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November 30 2012

Joss Whedon looks back on 2012. Check out the very cool Entertainment Weekly photo.

"I'm not off attending crazy parties but I intend to be. One day."

Aww, no crazy parties for Joss? Shame.
I imagine his mind is a crazy party :)
There are lots of folks that are in the running for "The Hardest Working Person In Show Business" - but Joss is definitely up there. I honestly can't imagine how he keeps it all straight, and then kids and marriage and other family peeps and recreation (one hopes) and it makes me tired just thinking of it. Seriousfully.

Anyway, I think everyone should be able to have at least *one* sofa you can put your shoes up on.

Great photo.
And Jeff forgot to include in the things happening at the same time, Exec producing / overseeing Season 9 comics, early stuff for Dr Horrible 2 and also Wastelanders - and he still found spare time to star in Scary Smash and guest appear on Husbands Season 2.
2012 has been a great year for everything Whedon! 2013, please be even better!
Well, Comic-Con is like a crazy party, right?
Rocking those ankles! Roll on 2013!
Strange lack of mention of the release of The Cabin in the Woods...
True that about Cabin. I enjoyed Avengers, but Cabin is the film I will watch over and over again.
2013 is lookin up from a good 2012 I hope.
Heh. Cute picture.
I just glanced at the print edition. I saw Joss with an orangey t-shirt with a black A for Avengers with some kind of button down. Us Joss fashionistas must stay on top of these things.

Where do I buy?

Yes, it's terribly important.
I can watch Cabin in the Woods and Avengers a million times... I might be biased, but those are my fav films of the year (yes... Definitely biased, and proud).

This has been an incredible year for Joss! And judging by his drunkeness when he was signing stuff at ComicCon this year, he can definitely party! Haha.

Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for him, and excited to see his future projects unfold. Go Joss!
Help, what's happening?
Joss has finally caught the attention of "Joe Average" and he's having a field day with the possibilities. No one deserves it more.

Run, Joss, run!

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I agree with the first comment in that not-article, paragraph update; give the man the respect (somebody in the media) he deserves by doing a full spread article. Every time I see something linked here that's what I hope I will find instead of one photo and a very short recap. I think Life Magazine is kaput now but how glorious it would be see Joss on the cover and a whole retrospective of his career; how he started writing on Roseanne, his father's work, all the way to the present. He does deserve that.

Edit - Mods, could someone please fix Madhatter's bold tag? It's made my entire post bold. Thanks.

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There was a really great interview a few years back about 10 or so pages long where Joss talked alot about his early life and early career. Can't remember who it was with now but its probably in the archives.
Was this the one you were thinking of, eddy?

Possibly my favorite interview with Joss.
Thanks, Jobo! That may have been a bookmarked article I had at one time and then my computer died. Sending to myself at home.

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