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December 01 2012

Original concept art from Firefly, Angel, Dr. Horrible and The Cabin in the Woods up for auction. These are by Shawna Trpcic and provide a unique insight into the shows and the movie (especially the drawing of Joss as Badger).

Wow, there's concept art for what for what Joss would have looked like as Badger. I've always wondered about that.
The 45 items that are live now are round 1. The second round goes live on 8 December, when this batch ends. And the second round ends on 15 December, so there's time to ship things out to hopefully arrive by xmas.

If you want Shawna to sign anything you win, just make a request when you send the PayPal payment. I'll take the to-be-signed items back down to LA for her to sign on 22 December, so those ones probably won't arrive by xmas.

Happy hunting!

--ray (Shawna's auction lackey)
I just bet Charisma Carpenter would love that piece of her as a keepsake from her favorite days in the Buffyverse. *insert sarcasm*
Haha miroir_noir!!!

I really do want some of these... And I love how Joss keeps so many of the same people to work on most of his projects. He rocks! :D
Love Joss' Badger-slippers. Rocking the ankles even then.
Kinda funny how Jayne is black and Book is white.
Actually, the work is quite good. Thinking on bidding for a piece or three. 'Course, I won't say which.
Wow, so much cool stuff. Particularly Joss-as-Badger.

Although...a 2010 calendar? Really? (Although I guess if Shawna signed it, that would be pretty cool.)

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