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December 02 2012

'Dreams in American Television Narratives: From Dallas to Buffy' - out next year. Buffy gets included as a case study in this book that is "the first comprehensive analysis of one of American television's most frequently utilized tropes, the dream."

Available for pre-ordering at

I think I'm having a weird dream right now :) Hope all is well.
I always feel sorry for the people who come up with these fascinating-sounding book ideas because, well...
I'm waking up again. This book might be good.
I'm surpise that "Restless" wasn't mentioned. Think that one took the cake in dream making.
Buffy's dreams always mean something. Except the Cheese Man.

I really do love when books like this come out, though. Every one is yet more evidence that a show about a California girl who stabs vampires with pointy objects is indeed one of the great works of art of our time.

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