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December 02 2012

Angel: Series Trailer. A really good fan trailer for Angel. Highly recommended.

Oh very nicely done. Great pacing, although I wonder why they deemed to leave Spike out of the credits. Yes he was only in one season, but hey he was still in it. *g*
Glenn Quinn and Mercedes McNab were left out as well.
The youtuber explained in the comments, that there were only 7 spots and he didn't want to spoil Spike joining.
I think he/she highlighted the right actors. Those 7 were the regulars with the highest episode count.
I'm sorry, and colour me dumb, but what does 7 spots mean exactly?

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Seven spots in the credits part of the trailer; Boreanaz, Carpenter, Denisof, Richards, Acker, Karthesier and Hallet.

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Sometimes I feel like if MrMorda898 had been the one creating all of the official promotional trailers for Angel and Firefly and Dollhouse, then they would have had a better chance of not getting cancelled.
I'd watch that, awesome job.

First Whedon show I saw was Angel:Apocalypse Nowish. When it started raining fire it was so well done I flashed back to all of the comic books I read as a kid. Been a Whedon fan ever since. Can't have an Angel preview without a series of shots of him being dumbfounded though.
"Seven spots in the credits part of the trailer; Boreanaz, Carpenter, Denisof, Richards, Acker, Karthesier and Hallet."

Ah, right thanks for that. So not anything written in stone really when it comes to a fanvid?

[ edited by sueworld2003 on 2012-12-02 19:28 ]
sueworld2003, it was probably an issue of pacing with the music.
I think every fan trailer has to be epic, show the title, then have a comedic coda. It usually works, but this one seems like an odd choice.
I really don't like the absence of Spike. Love the editing, definitely a great overall trailer of the series but it needs more Spike and season 5.
I know we don't allow self-promotion on the front page, but I hope nobody minds me sharing my own Angel trailer. It's not as polished as MrMorda's, but I'm pretty proud of it.
CaptainB, I felt the same way about the ending.
I had a "series music video" up for a long time on YouTube, which seemed to be pretty popular (and included footage for just about everyone from the show) but YouTube being YouTube, I had to pull it for the obvious copyright reasons.

These, like most of these things will likely suffer the same fate. Enjoy them now while they last. Shame, but that's how it is.

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