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December 03 2012

Serenity voted second favourite sci-fi spaceship by SFX readers. It got beaten to the number one slot by the TARDIS.

I'm quite ok with it being beaten by the Tardis. Serenity beat out Millenium Falcon, which landed on third place. Not bad company that. Now I will spend some time looking at all the other ships there... Wonder where Moya ended up :)
To be honest, if I could have any, TARDIS would be at the top of the list.
Moya's at #8 (just behind the Enterprise). Serenity is above the Falcon! That, indeed, is not too shabby.
Star Wars fans may be upset with this tally but think about how little time was spent just -living- on the M.Falcon. That ship never felt like someone's home to me.

Serenity feels like a homestead...the Falcon feels like a plot device.

[This observation about the M.F. based only on the films. I have not bothered to go extra-curricular within the Lucasverse.]

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Well, I'd have to move both the original U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 and the Klingon Bird of Prey up a couple notches at least, and the Lexx seriously got shafted.
Hjermsted - As a Star Wars fanboy Representative, we don't feel shafted. I will say that I always viewed the Falcon as a home, even before I got into the books, comics, and video games. I don't disagree with Serenity topping it, especially since she had more personality by far.

Also, I understand why the Normandy from Mass Effect wasn't higher. Given the medium, it's brilliant just to see it on the list. But personally, it tops anything from Star Trek, and I like Star Trek.
That is whack that the Millenium Falcon is not in the top slot!

Glad to see Moya on the list. Man, do I ever miss FarScape. That and Firefly are the two sci fi shows I miss the most. I loved DS9 the most but I don't feel like it was cut too short like Firefly or Farscape.
As both a Whedonite and a Whovian, that seems about right. Serenity may have personality and panache, but the TARDIS sort of takes things to the next level.

(And yay, beating out Stars Trek and Wars!)
Hard to beat a living time machine.
What a great list. They spent some time putting this together, and it shows. I admire exhaustive research.

The LOOKS A BIT LIKE codas are well worth the price of admission. I laughed out loud at most of them.

My only gripe is the lack of Stargate vessels. Prometheus, Daedalus, the Asgard ships, even the Goa'uld had some lovely ones. Sadly lacking, IMHO.

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This seems reasonable to me: Serenity has a more homey feel than most spaceships, but the TARDIS has a swimming pool (so I would like to ride on that one too).
It's easy to forget after living with it for fifty years, but the TARDIS is absolute genius. What an idea it is.
The TARDIS - keeping it flying since 1963.
Nothing can beat a ship that's bigger on the inside.

I do love 1-2-3, in that order but I would agree that the Enterprise needs to be higher.

I am glad to see Destiny made the list as I am so loving that ship right now. I'm rewatching SGU thanks to Netflix and I think that ship deserves more recognition.

Why was it canceled?
SGU departed from SG-1/Atlantis too much for the hardcore fans to really adopt it, and no one not steeped in the mythology ever really "got" it, I don't think. I think it was a valiant effort to BSG-ize the Stargate Universe... but frankly, the show's protagonists were the same kinds of morally bankrupt military members that SG-1 busted at least once a season.

Oh, and they uploaded a girl into the ship, too, which makes it sort of like Andromeda or Farscape, I guess, but they killed her--one of the only sympathetic characters--to do it, so I guess that makes it vaguely Josslike. :-S
Just kind of ridiculous that the one that was created by focus group is the best one. But it objectively is.

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