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December 03 2012

Henry Jenkins on Joss Whedon, fans, and independent media. This description will just echo the title, since that pretty much sums it up.

By the end of their campaign, which was encouraged by the studio as “viral marketing,” the active Browncoats numbered more than 75,000 members, with more than 85 percent of them actively recruited by other fans.

I've always wondered how accurate this stat was. As someone who participated heavily in the viral marketing, I know I didn't bring in that many new people.
My recollection of events is this:

* Firefly cancelled.
* Huge save our show effort leads to DVD box set (which is never a sure thing after a show is axed before completing one season. Just ask Terriers and Chicago Code)
* Impressive Firefly DVD set sales gets Universal's attention (along with that studio wanting to "get into the Joss Whedon business" so-to-speak)
*Serenity goes into production.
Sadly, that isn't what happened Hjermsted. Joss wrote Serenity for Universal before Firefly even came out on DVD, and the DVD release was not a fan campaign (nor was lobbying Universal for a movie a fan campaign). (11th Hour did produce some posters to promote the DVD, however).

I was an admin on the Fanpimp (that was the company name) site, the 85% stat is accurate. However inviting other members lead to rewards, so obviously some people invited, like, their entire address book. Which, fair enough.

Much of what happened around Serenity as documented online has the slight issue of not being entirely accurate. Whedonesque's Kiba started the campaign "Firefly: Immediate Assistance", which did much fine work raising awareness about the show actually being on the air.

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*FF cancelled.
*Mary Parent at Universal wants to work with Joss and he decides he wants to do Firefly movie
*DVD comes out and does very well
*Movie announced and all media erroneously attributes movie to DVD sales
*Universal never corrects the erroneous assumption and the myth spreads like wildfire and continues to this day

or what Gossi said.

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Always a supporter of fan-initiated media, Whedon has endorsed many fan productions, seeing them as helping to sustain interest in Dr. Horrible.

Except that hasn't been the case for the last two years?
You're all wrong. It was like this.

* Firefly cancelled.
* Serenity made.
* Serenity broke box office records.
* Goners made.
I want to live in b!X's imaginary world. :)
Wait - Firefly was cancelled?

In what kind of an imaginary world is Firefly cancelled?

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I think one day a studio is just gonna cave and get Goners made for b!X alone.
- Firefly gets six seasons.
- And a movie.
- And a Saturday morning cartoon.
- The breakfast cereal does not sell well and is cancelled.
I want to live in b!X's imaginary world.
Over there I have a job, too.

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