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December 03 2012

'The L.A. Complex' not renewed for third season by Canada's MuchMusic Channel. According to the Hollywood Reporter. The ultimate fate of the Canadian-produced show, which co-stars Jewel Staite, remains uncertain at this point since it's producers are said to be in active talks with its U.S. distributor the CW as well as other Canadian networks about possible continuation scenarios.

That's too bad, this was my Summer guilty please. Jewel is great in this and the stories are pretty compelling considering the "soapiness" of it.
Much to my surprise that show really grew on me. Jewel sparkled, just like her name, and Andra Fuller was mesmerizing. I hope they get picked up for another season or six.
No reason to feel guilty about loving The L.A. Complex. It's a very good show, and has the most honest and realistic gay storyline on TV. I'll be devastated if it isn't renewed.

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