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December 03 2012

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz's Bones celebrates 150 episodes tonight. The producers talk to TV Guide about the episode.

I think it's 19 more episodes of Bones before Boreanaz will have been Booth in more individual episodes than he will have been as Angel in both Buffy and Angel. Anyone have a different count?
Wow thats crazy! I wodner what the count is for Allyson and How I Met your Mother / Willow.
Looking forward to tonight's episode.I've been a Bones viewer since the start.
Going by Wikipedia, David was in 167 episodes of Buffy and Angel. By the end of Season 8, he will have been 168 episodes of Bones.
Will that be 150 without a single shout-out to the shows that gave him this opportunity?
This episode according to the article was one of the ones shot last season and held over due ED preganacy and wasn't planned as the 150th episode for this season.
Will that be 150 without a single shout-out to the shows that gave him this opportunity?

Why should Bones and he do that? Actors don't have to prostrate themselves just to please fans. He moved on. People do that in every walk of life.
I guess Castle has just spoiled us in that respect...
Good for him, but I can never watch that show because of the rumors of him turning down Angel TV movies. It's petty, but I can be petty sometimes.
I loved Angel but Bones has made him much more successful and that is great. I have no trouble with him not wanting to go to cons, not talking about Angel, or wanting to moving on. Actors aren't indentured servants or anything; they move on and I don't think it's healthy for fans to feel as if actors owe them anything, even an explanation. Even if there were rumors of an Angel what? IMO, doing an Angel movie wouldn't been a good career move. Bones made him a star.
Boreanaz is why I'm a fan of the Whedonverse thanks to Angel.

Been watching him all of these years and I've always embraced his need to simply move on from that world. Just because "we" didn't or don't move on doesn't mean these actors can't. They can't all be Nathan Fillion nor do they have to be.

These things are larger than life and will therefore outlive us all.
I haven't watched this show past episode one. I just don't like cop shows unless they're gritty like The Shield. I haven't seen a single episode of Castle and I only started watching HIMYM when Lost ended and I had nothing to watch.(Thank god for TWD and GOT).
sigh ... I'm almost sorry I posted this. As Simon said there is no reason that Bones should 'shout out' to any other show. Also, iirc David was never offered an Angel TV show. So how could he turn it down? And can't we have at least one thread about David that doesn't compare him to Nathan? Please???

So ... how did everyone like the episode? I thought it was amazing. Very unique POV and great insights to each character. (Keeping it spoiler free).

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I was at Comic Con this year, David loved talking about Angel and Joss. He said he's love to work with Joss again and that the "fans should make this happen".
I really liked the episode too.It was very different from the usual Bones.
And can't we have at least one thread about David that doesn't compare him to Nathan? Please???

Exactly. Cop shows are not my cup of tea either, I've seen may be 4 episodes of Bones, and I tune into Castle from time to time mostly for family scenes (these 3 actors have amazing chemistry together). I might wish Fillion would do another genre/hq cable show, and wax poetic about missed opportunities all I want, but in no way would I begrudge him or Boreanaz all the success they get from their current shows. Fans sometimes forget that actors need to work like everyone else, and anyway you can't please everybody. I hear fans of Castle are not exactly thrilled when Nathan talks about Firefly and his other projects either, and want him to behave more like David. While Whedon fans would like all genre actors to be as geeky and "in" as Nathan. Different strokes.
I thought the Bones episode was great last night! It's been a long time since the show actually made me care about a case...(I miss seasons 1-3!)....and the POV was really a cool way to go. Way to go Bones.

Since other people brought up Castle, they had a cute ep last night too!
I was wondering why Dr. Sweets wasn't still living at their home, since it was shot last season that explains it.
I actually like Booth more than I like Angel. He's more David (though still with a dark past.)

There were a lot of shout outs in the early episodes - the Hyperion Hotel and the Wolfram and Hart teeshirt for example.

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