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"I don't have to watch you Miss Frost. I can smell you."
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December 04 2012

Joss meets with some Heads in London. Mr Whedon enjoyed a rendez-vous with Tony Head, his partner Sarah and their two children. Single picture Facebook link.

He seems to be over here a lot these days. He'll always be very welcome. :-)
Wonder if it is work or play this trip? Nice picture.
He's probably there to write some Wastelanders too ._.
I was thinking the same thing. Maybe Tony will end up in Wastelanders. He was supposed to be in Much Ado from I remember reading.
Lovely photo. Oh, to be back in London.
Tony was supposed to play Leonato, but he told me that due to a clash with 'Free Agents' missed it by a couple of days (and the show was cancelled). He was gutted about it when I asked him at one of the UK Conventions.

I really hope he does something with Joss again very soon.
It's Giles and his aunts! Now we just need Angel and Faith there and we can complete the main cast.

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