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December 04 2012

Not Always Right goes Firefly. A Firefly fan working retail has to explain the verse to a newbie.

I love this site and today was shiny goodness with the lead story about our favorite space western!

LOL! I loved reading this, and I completely commiserate. I can't tell you how many times I've enthusiastically entered a conversation about Firefly only to have to back away slowly because the mansplaining was insulting my intelligence. I'm glad customer #2 was there to back her up, but still, UGH to this statement: "Isn't Firefly more for guys? There's loads of fighting and stuff..."
Awesome! The supportive customer was wonderful; I loved the way the little jerk was seen off by a tag team!
A little detail that always bothers me when watching the show with friends: on the DVDs, english subtitles prefix the chinese parts with [Galactic language].
Hooray for customer #2 (and the lovely woman who wrote this)! Lovely story.

Luckily I didn't notice that galactic language thing on the DVD subtitles (maybe it wasn't on every version of the DVD set?), but if I had, I'd have been annoyed too, it's silly (and unlike most of the silliness in Firefly, not in a good way).
Game, set and match to the employee.
My hat is off to the employee. Well played.

(Also, is it bad that as she listed her qualifications as a Browncoat I realized that I have way more things, have attended an early Serenity screening, gone to shindigs and meetups, and have met many more of the cast members? Guess I'm in good company here.)
The "loads of fighting and stuff" makes even less sense than usual (though it never truly does) given Zoe and River...
Somehow I feel like she punched up the customer's dialogue a bit.
That was awesome, but the dialogue does feel punched up for effect.
I thought so too. Good story either way, though.

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