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December 04 2012

Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris reunite! Nathan has appeared in the latest episode of Neil's new webseries "Neil's Puppet Dreams".

This was hilarious, and NOT work safe (and not for young kids)! So funny, it is rare when I laugh out loud.
NPH is adorable ... :)
This is not the Weasel...
The hammer is my weasel.
Hilarious indeed. Thanks so much for the link Simon! I've subscribed to the channel now, don't want to miss any of these.
The article says: "The whole joke at the end is none of it is relating to genitals at all"
In that case, I'm afraid I don't get the joke. The thrust seems to be the "Oooh.. Canada...", but what's so funny about that...?
He didn't mean literally the end.
I woke up and watched a video about NPH's penis.
They missed a Hammer joke, but then I heard that the last Dr. was Horrible.
Oh lord there shall be more.

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