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December 05 2012

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow - Wonderland #2. Willow's journey to restore magic continues in the second installment of Jeff Parker's tale.

"A weapon blessed as its counterpart Excalibur!" eh? I think there may be a story there...
I'm guessing that the dream Marrack was hit by was Buffy's? Anyway,entertaining enough issue, although I'm not a huge fan of the fantasy stuff. I prefer my Buffy grounded in the real world (despite all of the wackiness). Something about Alywun doesn't quite sit right with me, I don't know if she will help or hurt Willow. Good to see Xander and Dawn (even if she is faceless).
This issue was a marked improvement over the first, with a great cliffhanger ending. I'm excited to see where it leads....
I have my copy of Willow # 2.

I liked last issue but I think this issue was better overall.The character voices still sound right and the story gets deeper and more interesting.

The stuff about dreams/nightmares and how they impact other dimensions was a new wrinkle to the mythology.

The Willow/Aluwym happens here and I LOLed at Marrak's reaction to the kiss.Also laughed at the Marrak The Okay title.

The one witch looks like Batman villain,Poison Ivy.The one who calls Willow,The Slayer's Hex Mistress.

Willow reaching the wellspring and the supercoven created by Aluwym and the Scythe being fixed and restored I noticed the change in color too that lines it up with the Scythe from Fray) pushes Willow's goal's forward but of course it wouldn't be that easy with magic sill gone in our dimension.

The scene of Willow looking in on Xander/Dawn and Buffy I think will tie into next week's Buffy # 16 or another issue in the next Buffy arc.Also the faceless Dawn is pretty ominous and could be hinting that the loss of magic and Dawn's magical origins are going to converge soon.There has been a lot of speculation about this element since the end of season 8 and the early issues of season 9 and this might give more weight to some of that speculation.

I liked the artwork again and I'm looking forward to next issue.
All along, for a long time, I keep saying everything revolves around Dawn, and she is not long for this world. You heard it here first (unless it turns out not true, in which case you never heard it all)...
Willow > Spike. In terms of Buffy S9 minis, anyway. And by a lot.
Definitely. I'm still going with the `Xander forgetting birthday` possibly Seed-destructo-memory-losing-related...
Yeah the dawn thing has definitely been a big question mark, ever since season 8 I've had a feeling willow will become the new seed, (fray crossover) but you can definitely see a well planned story that has been unfolding since season 8- current
Lots of hocus-pocus if you're a fan of mmmmagic. Not a fan of Willow becoming her own drug.

The interesting part was Dawnie.
I found myself unexpectedly thrilled to see Aluwyn! Didn't see that coming. But I was really happy when they kissed.
I'm wondering if - to get back to Buffy - Willow will have to dig a little deeper to summon the power to open a new Hellmouth, and to do so... she'll have to go dark. Hm. Intrigue.
I personally prefer the Spike miniseries so far but Willow is getting pretty good. Happy with both. I wasn't sure to start that the spin offs were a good idea, but I can see their value now, especially if they tie it in well with the two main series in the end.
I agree about being happy to see Aluwyn. It's funny cause she's maybe the first character introduced exclusively in the comics that went away and came back and I went, "Oh YAY!" without realizing she's totally a creation of the comic world. I thought her and Willow's reunion was really drawn well. Loving the expanded mythology going on here connecting Fray/Buffy/Wilow/King Arthur/Dawn. I agree with Aedan above that we are clearly getting to see a few very slow patient story arcs unfold, in the best Joss fashion. To me, the ONLY book not up to amazing snuff is the Buffy book, which is just okay. The others are just delighting me.
Can this thread get added to the side menu? Sorry, with all the spin offs, maybe comics discussion is taking up side bar room?
I forgot, apologies. It's up now.
Who do you think Willow was/is more in love with: Oz, Tara, Kennedy or Aluwyn? Right now, my money's on the snake lady (lady parts AND super-magic being? Her crack of choice.)
Here is a very belated review.

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