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December 05 2012

Joss Whedon made a masterpiece (and also The Avengers). End of year praise for The Cabin in the Woods from The New York Times.

I've taken to focusing on particular elements each rewatch. Like, once for the score, once for the editing, etc. Worth doing.
Any excuse for yet another rewatch... That works for me!

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I saw Cabin before my roommates did, so I accompanied them when they went. And it might be the best movie ever for introducing to other people, just because of how many moments there are where the game completely changes. Started, literally, from the title card. It's just amazing to watch people's reactions.

So, I gotta buy this BluRay already.
I can't even explain to people why I love CitW so much, so I'm always happy when others do that for me!
It truly is my fav horror film of all time. It's just genius, fun, scary, ect.!

I'm totally watching this film with my family when I go home for the holidays hahaha. :D

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