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December 06 2012

12 Men Joss Whedon Made Me Find Attractive.

I feel like I've lost some brain cells. My brain feels a little lighter. I guess that's what I get for clicking on it. I mean, the title says it all.
Although I might switch the order around,and possibly add Reed Diamond to the list, other than that, yep.
Strangely enough, in addition to some brain cell loss like the ninja report is suffering from, I've noticed an increase in body temperature and a rapidly beating heart accompanied by a full-body flush.
I love lists like this ;)
An accurate lust, I mean list, IMO
No love for Seth Green? I loved Xander but I could totally see what Willow saw in him. The painted hair, the painted fingernails...
But the guy Joss really made me find atractive was NPH. I was aware of him before Doc horrible but that was when I saw his beauty.

P.S. I love the second tag for this (though I'm ashamed to admit I don't remember exactly where it's from, pretty sure Buffy said it)
Poor Oz, Riley, Paul, Doyle, and Boyd. But I like this list. It's true, there is no male regular not hot on any Whedon show, I can't pretend it hasn't been a blessing and made me a bigger fan. If we're quibbling, out of all 19 male regulars on all 3 shows, maybe Lorne gets left out simply due to makeup and wardrobe and never really written to be sexual, I'm not sure what he really looked like--and also maybe Connor. But that was good, because if Connor was too Hollywood-handsome his strylines probably would have felt even more soap opera than they already were. Also wardrobe and makeup didn't help, and let's face it it was Boreanaz's show and I don't think they're going to choose for his son to be super-hot and make him seem old in comparison. The rest, though? Gimme.

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I, too, find Nick Brendon very attractive. I only wish people would learn to spell his name correctly (this always bugs me).
I don't get the title unless the author of the piece didn't find them attractive beforehand. Because they are, they certainly are, they ... er, what was I saying? :=)
narky Andy Hallett was a good-looking guy:

And a big sweetie.

Joss does find the pretties, doesn't he?

Tonya J The author doesn't mention whether she was familiar with any of the actors before they were on Joss's shows, so it is a bit confusing. For example: If you only knew David from "Bones," and then started watching "Buffy" and "Angel," and then realized how handsome he is, that would be one thing.

Dunno. Don't care - Tony's on the list! And Enver!

Ooh. Enver for the next Bond, and Tony for M! Please?
Glad Richards was on there, because I feel like he gets forgotten a lot as an important part of the Whedonverse. I love Gunn's story.
Marsters made me find Spike attractive, and I'm as straight a male as you can find. I think Sean Maher had a similar effect on my dad.
Some of them are universally pretty/handsome, some less so. I have seen all of them in the whedonverse material and it is Marsters who makes me think 'effulgent' every time. His Spike is transcendent (and other roles marginally less so).
okay, I just want to add Joss to my list. When a man reveals a brain like that, I'm done for. Joss made me find Joss attractive.
Oh, Ninjapigeon, where is the like button?

Right. Not Facebook.

Good list. Nice photos. I'll be in my bunk.
For some reason the list fails to include the male mods at Whedonesque. Huh.
Because there's no photos? You guys are mysterious.
"Not a huge fan of Mal or Captain Hammer, but damn it, if Nathan Fillion isnít the textbook definition of handsome."

That... sounds like the opposite of what the headline says.
I now want pics of the male mods, get to it.

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