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December 06 2012

Danny Strong nominated for a Writers Guild Award. The ceremony is on February 13th.

I don't understand why Once Upon A Time gets shunned so much... It has some of the best writing on TV, miles better than Game of Thrones.

But yay, go Danny Strong!
I disagree. I think it has some of the most contrived plotlines and weak characters in a show. I am the opposite of you, wondering why so many people like the show.

I guess it just goes to show how tastes differ. :)
Seems like a big ol' Disney ad to me.

But go Danny!!
It gets shunned because it's fantasy genre. I've been very disappointed with Once. The 1st half of the first season was great, and it sort of fizzled out towards the second half. This season has just not caught my interest again.
Only in whedonesque would we compare "Once Upon a Time" with "Game of Thrones". They're miles apart (light years?) however, I like them both. Something about evil Queens just drives me bananas. Tell tale perhaps, I don't know?

Anyhoo, I'm tickled pink with Danny Strong's work. Who would've thunk it? Very talented writer. Looking forward to his writing in "Mockingjay".

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