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December 08 2012

Lego Firefly Serenity playset now an (unofficial) reality. The set that was originally a huge success on Cuusoo, but rejected by Lego can now be ordered as an unofficial set.

I was all set to slyly send the link to the Mrs. as part of my Christmas wish list when I saw the price. I understand the reasoning behind it, it's just out of our price range right now.
It is quite pricey, but goodness do I want it!
I don't think I can talk myself into purchasing it either but it's nice to see it happen!
I must have this! I had the money last week but alas it is gone now. I'm off to my corner to cry.
I want the mini fig set!
2186 new unused pieces. That's over 5 lbs!

Wow... no wonder it is so expensive to build with so much left over.

Meanwhile for just $85 including shipping & handling you can get just the 9 Firefly minifigs. Simon, River, Wash, Zoe, Mal, Inara, Jayne, Shepard Book and Kaylee! :)
If it was a Mindstorms kit, then I might be interested. Also does anyone know anything about the site? Cause firing off $400 to unknowns does make me somewhat twitchy.
I am so tempted right now...
A bit overboard with the price there. I can see why, but at the same time, I probably wouldn't pay that even if I did have disposable income (which I don't), unless the majority of it went to charity.
Ok, so...I'm confused. They give you a bag of pieces, but also tell you how to source (I'm assuming that means get pieces you need from other sets) more pieces? How the hell big is this thing??

I admit, I don't play with LEGOs. Does something like this need 4,000 pieces or more?

But I can't see too many fans jumping on this with that price. Then again...someone bought a lot of sets in the first place to build the replica shown, which couldn't have been cheap.
Extruded plastic for $400? *chokes on his soda*

Looks amazing, but I was thinking eh, maybe $60.
It's a shame that they don't provide the parts list in a format readable by humans with the assembly instructions sold separately for a flat amount like $25 or $50. That way, the sort of Lego fanatics out there who would actually take on a project of this scale have the option to source the parts through their own collections or through other cheaper methods.

Legos purchased new can be really expensive, but you can get used Legos in bulk for pretty cheap through eBay or other dealers. My husband has picked up 20 pound boxes of assorted Legos on eBay for a few bucks, and all you have to do is just soak them briefly in a bucket of water with a little splash of bleach to dis-infect. You never know what you're going to get, but you know that you'll get a lot of the basic bricks for dirt cheap. And if you're close to a Lego store, you can also get a lot of the funky little specialty pieces in bulk as well, with the advantage of being able to choose what you actually want. Specifically, the stores usually have a wall of tiny bins of tiny specialty parts and you can fill up a 32-ounce cup full for about $15.
I do Legos and that does sound right for a two foot long piece with all kinds of compartments.

The lego imperial cruiser from secondary amazon sellers is around $400.

I wanted to get the Lego Monsters Haunted House for my Halloween Village and that was $180.

I'd say the pricing is fair. I'm just not sure how long this website will exist before Lego shuts it down. I see that they are labeling the product as a service (sourcing the pieces directly to you?) ..but that's weak IMO.

Plus Fox can shut them down too right?

I would get the instructions and order the pieces on my own from lego or brickllink.

Any mini figures will be altered original lego mini figures.

What I really don't understand is why BBC hasn't licensed Lego Tardis. I built one as part of my little Harry Potter Village, but I would love an official one.
@ Hann23 - Because they've licensed Doctor Who with another company called Character.
Just had a thought; how amazing would a Lego Firefly game be?!

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