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December 09 2012

Tom Lenk stars in 'Christmas is Ruined'. Not for kids who still believe in Santa, because this is too real (and way too funny). I just love Tom Lenk. I particularly love Tom Lenk in elf ears.

So Santa is an elf-a-phile? This is very dark. LOL

"You put your receipts in little plastic baggies?" -Quickbooks ad
Also, does Tom Cruise beat up Tom in Jack Reacher? If not, who?

[ edited by Wilhelm on 2012-12-09 07:14 ]
love this, reminds me so much why i've never trusted santa ever.
tom lenk has done it again, thumbs up!
Isn't that Amy Acker's husband in it too?
Pretty funny, although the sequel gets me every time.
@eden - yes, that's Amy's husband.
Aww is this all there is? I was hoping for more... marshmellow vomit and stuff....
Isn't there a point where cynicism has to turn on itself as the new established norm?
Great fun indeed, thanks for sharing!
I never trusted Santa Claus.
So, so wrong. And yet so amazing.

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