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December 10 2012

"Help for the Holidays" staring Summer Glau premieres tonight on the Hallmark Channel. Santa's elf Christine is sent on a special assignment to Los Angeles to help a family in need of a wake-up call.

[ edited by Calatia on 2012-12-10 13:15 ]

Summer Glau as a Christmas elf with pointy ears? This is almost too many goods.
"I'll be in my bunk. Reviewing and all."
I really want to like this but wow! It's all kinds of horrible shlock. A paycheck is a paycheck. :)
I agree. Missed opportunities galore, then the story sank at the 75 minute mark. But I always wanted to see Summer as an elf, and she's good at that.
Now let's see who can get Nathan Fillion in a Santa suit next year. Who cares about the script?
She was adorable

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