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"I have to find my pleasure, Spike. You taste like ashes."
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February 20 2004

  • In order to deal with the influx of new members we have temporarily put new sign ups on hold again. Sorry! We'll open them up again in a few weeks.

  • The pending time for posting rights has been upped from two days to four. For those who joined after Feb 17, 5:45am CET, this means you will be able to post links to the site after Feb 21, 5:45am CET.

  • If you haven't already done so, please read our about page, and our rules in particular.

  • If you have read our rules, refresh your memory. We've rewritten some to make them less ambiguous and added a few more handy tips.

  • If you're new here, welcome!

  • You demanded a chat box... well, we have one, sort of. Come beta test our group at

  • They're doing good stuff over at Go check it out.

  • Aye aye Cap'n(s!) Keep up the good work. It's a lovely site and we'd be lost without it. Much appreciated.
    Aye, I'd second that :).
    Me too! I've totally enjoyed this site and it is my main source of news for all things Joss.
    This is the only site I visit daily (or more accurately multiple times daily). Thanks to my Whedonesque obsession I haven't seen the bottom of my in-box here at work since last summer (well, that and, you know, procrastination)! Keep up the good work because some of us have to! =)
    I'd also like to thank the Whedonesque PTB for all your hard work in maintaining such an excellent site. It's by far my favorite and I check it probably more often than is good for me. Thanks so much.
    Is this sudden increase in membership attributable to adding the muppet Angel image to the photo banner? Because that makes an already great site much better. We need more muppet Angel. And, we need more cowbell.
    I read this board obsessively several times a day. I love this site so much and I'm glad I found it. I got bored with the Buffy communities on Livejournal because I wanted more news and intelligent discussion and this is the best place to find it. Thank you for keeping it going.
    I agree, this is the best site for Whedonverse news & discussion. Other sites use different formats, and it literally takes forever to scroll through a single page. I have experienced zilch technical issues with this site, and of all the sites I check every morning, this one is always first to load.
    Thanks guys. I know some of you wanted a chatbox, to which I've always replied with a firm 'Noooooooo'. But some friends and acquaintances set up, an image sharing & social networking site and they're currently beta-testing, so I set up a group page for WHEDONesque. Joining is free and if you don't like the place you can easily delete your own account.
    Drewfidelic: I laughed out loud at your cowbell reference.

    Electricspacegirl: You might already know this, but if you have syndication points on Livejournal, you can read Whedonesque via the RSS feed there. Agreed that the Buffy-related communities there are maddening; between being spoiled by the clueless and/or uncaring, and after getting in one too many aggravating arguments, I gave up entirely.

    Anyway, on topic: thanks for making a specific point of recommending, prolific. It was getting tough there trying to figure out where to concentrate my efforts with so many campaigns out there. The efforts that they're recommending seem focused and well thought-out.
    I, too, wanted to throw out a great big 'Thank You' to Whedonesque. Prolific, you've done a fantastic job and created an incredible community here.

    I always found it hard to keep track of several different things Whedon related. You had people that either focused on just one show or just one actor, that you went from one end of the web to the other, just to get the latest news. Having access to the entire Whedonverse (even things just barely linked) on one single site is the best thing ever.

    My only possible complaint.... it takes forever to catch up after a week away from the computer! LOL
    Thanks, Greyflowers. Lots of praise should go to Simon, who puts a great deal of of time into the site. (Plus we've got this whole cool good cop / bad cop thing going between ourselves. Heh.)

    Let's not forget Milo - who programmed the back end of the site. Completely indispensible! And Herb, who keeps an eye on things when us Europeans are asleep.
    I thought I was the only person who made obscure SNL cow-bell references...
    Definitely not. Everyone could use more cow bell.
    Must say: Just love it, love it, love it.
    I love to come and check on news.
    I love to NOT be spoiled if I DON'T WANT TO.
    And I love the intelligent and articulate natures of the posters here. Plus, ya'll can spell! (Which is exactly why I don't read chat boards...nobody spells correctly and I don't speak Instant Messenger shorthand - but I'll check this one out.)
    Simon, Prolific, Herb, et al: bask in the love!
    Keever, I do know about the syndication feed on LJ but I enjoy the layout of this site and having it as my homepage and all. Thank you though.
    I joined your chatbox and hope to chat with you guys, although meredith may find my spelling isn't that great! Thank you whedonesque for updating me on all the news in the jossverse!
    Must give love to prolific and Simon, and all else here whose hard work feeds the voracious Whedon hunger. I lurked here for a good year before I signed up during the brief window that has since closed once again (hoping I've been a good little poster), and it's been a lovely experience so far. Thank you for being the necessary one-stop for fulfilling all my several-times-daily Jossian neuro-nutritional requirements. I can roll up 24/7, get it all without leaving my car, and get back on the highway. Joy! :)

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