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December 10 2012

Cabin nominated for Best Original Screenplay. By the San Diego Film Critics Society.

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You might want to work on the formatting - it is missing a title!
Congrats Joss! Another well deserved accolade.
Awesome! But what about Drew???
Yeah, why is Drew Goddard's name not listed?
He was listed by the Society itself.
Thanks for pointing that out b!X. I'm glad Drew wasn't actually overlooked (at least not originally).

Congratulations Joss and Drew! You guys definitely deserve the props.
On the other hand, it saddens me that people always forget Drew when talking about Cabin, as it's obvious parts of the script came from him, and he has a pretty distinctive visual style too.
First thought..Joss nominated for..I thought it was for ahem, that other award. Heart sank at first.

Second thought, after reading the page. Where is Ultimate Drew?

Edited to note b!x's post. Thank god Drew wasn't overlooked.

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eddy, I had the same thought! Still hoping it happens...
If Joss and Drew got nominated Best Screenplay for the Oscars, I would be over the moon. Never going to happen though. I could see The Avengers slipping into the Best Film category, particularly now that they select up to 10 films, but I personally think Cabin is the far more interesting and deserving film.

Good on them for this nod though.
I'm relieved to hear that Drew was also nominated, and I'm thrilled to hear about the nominations (Cabin in the Woods remains my favorite).
Never really cared for any awards, call them the oscars, critics choice, golden globes or whatever; but as a director, wich i am not, and creator, perspective might change; winning might not signify much to me, but it sure helps. So go Joss and Drew.

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