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December 10 2012

Eliza Dushku to star in "The Saint" backdoor pilot. Eliza will play the love interest of "The Saint" .

The Saint is a brilliant criminal who uses his criminal talents as a modern day Robin Hood. Roger Moore who played the role in the 60's ITV version is one of the co-producers.

I'm confused. Isn't a backdoor pilot an episode of a tv show that works as a pilot for a spin-off? How is this a backdoor pilot?

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@electricspacegirl: "pilot episode filmed as a standalone movie, so it can be broadcast if it is not picked up as a series". Though that definition qualifies, because if the spin-off doesn't get picked up, then the backdoor pilot is just another episode of the parent series, no harm done.
I was wondering that myself. Even though the article itself uses the term "backdoor pilot", it sounds like just a normal run-of-the-mill TV pilot.

EDIT: OK, I wasn't aware of the definition on the Variety site.

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Well, I have decent hopes that with Sir Roger Moore acting as a creative consultant and getting an expert on Leslie Charteris' works as well means this will be a modern reinterpretation that keeps a lot more than the Val Kilmer film (which I didn't hate but only paid basic lip service to either the novels or the TV series).
I know the material well and I would never have have thought to cast Eliza as Pat Holm, at least as the character is written.
Pat was an upper class British dilettante, not an action figure, and that does not seem to fit Eliza on the face of it.

Frankly both Pat and Simon belong to another age, one which for all intents and purposes ended about 1970. The only way
I would think this makes sense would be if it was done as a 30's-40's period piece.
Rebooting Battlestar from the 70s worked. You really have to go for broke.
Hmm... very interesting.
Seems to be a made for TV movie made without a commitment from a network in the hopes of shopping it around and someone biting. Not the way it usually works... So these guys are trying something different which will be very interesting. So do they go full on Pay Cable or soften and broaden it for US Broadcast? This production company had never created a successful TV series so I'm glad for ED but this needs to be considered as very iffy to ever go to series.
Eliza Dushku as an upper class British dilettante, you say? JDL: Have you seen Eliza's Faith as just that in the Buffy Season 8 comics?
Though not mentioned in the article on Deadline the idea is to make it contemporary according to Ian Dickerson posting on the Mausoleum club forum
Also interesting to note (in the link garda39 provided) Ian Dickerson says they are having a hard time interesting networks in this project. Probably because they are doing it backwards...
"Eliza Dushku as an upper class British dilettante, you say? JDL: Have you seen Eliza's Faith as just that in the Buffy Season 8 comics?

Funny I hadn't heard that Eliza had taken up writing comics or drawing them and I bet the artists and writers whose names are on those
items are surprised as well. Otoh if you were trying for humor you failed.

I like Eliza as an actress but I can't see her as Pat Holm without an accent change, which is something I have yet to see from her.
@JDL - They might well be going for a complete reboot, see e.g. Gossi's reference to Battlestar Galactica. To me, this is intriguing and definitely something I look forward to!

(Also, I'm sure "Eliza's Faith" was simply shorthand for "Eliza's character Faith". Why with the snark?)
No Persuaders remake? Boo. But I would hazard a guess that given the success of Skyfall, every producer and their mother is looking at fictional British spy heroes. If there's a Bulldog Drummond series then my theory will have paid off.

Otoh if you were trying for humor you failed.

Don't be a picky poster. It's not a terribly polite thing to do.
@darling: You interpreted my intention correctly. The character played by Eliza Dushku, who in the comics continues to be modeled after the look and mannerisms the actress brought to Faith, was able to undergo this Pygmalion-like transformation. Why not the woman herself?
I gotta say I'm somewhat relieved. She hinted at having a project in the works and I was somewhat worried it would be S.H.I.E.L.D., and I'm kinda happy it's not :$ *ducks*
I look forward to seeing this. Considering the time the books were written, and set, the character was very modern and far from a typical damsel in distress. She could be considered an equal to Templar, not just the girl who gets captured every week.

And IIRC the character was never in the Moore TV series or the later Ian Ogilvy series. And in the books she disappeared after a few years and was never mentioned again. Hopefully if this gets a series (long shot though it is) she will be a regular.

If it's half as good as the Sherlock adaptation at bringing the characters into the modern world then it will be worth watching. Long shot or not it is an ideal series to reboot, and the character is quite modern in his "is he a good guy or a bad guy?" way.

Roger is getting on a bit, but he was a hoot hosting Have I Got News For You a couple of weeks ago.
No love for the Ian Ogilvy version?

At least the lead actor in this is British.
Probably would have rather seen Eliza reprise on White Collar in a recurring role, but to be fair, my only point of reference on The Saint is the Val Kilmer film, which... it was the kind of film the phrase "lancing pain" doesn't quite prepare you for.
Found a rumour that James Purefoy was going to play him at one time. He'd be perfect.
Anyone know if she is capable of doing accents?
Well, she does a mean Boston accent ;)

I think we would have heard a lot more variation on Dollhouse if it was a natural strength. Maybe with more time than a week to week turn she could put something convincing together, but I guess I'd have to hear it first.
Now we just need some studio to cast Alexis as the Falcon. Loyal as I am to Tom Conway, after 40 years of decompostion I doubt he could still pull it off.
Random trivia about Adam Rayner: was the lead (Cairn) in Felicia Day's Dragon Age project, and appeared in the Agatha Christie episode of Doctor Who. Not big enough credits to merit mention in the trades, but probably relevant to us geeks.

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