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December 10 2012

Mark Ruffalo tweets about Joss' plans for the Hulk. Tonight on Twitter, Mark Ruffalo sent out two tweets, one stating that Joss Whedon texted him yesterday with new ideas for the Hulk, and the second (found in the same twitter conversation) saying that it is unlikely that there will be a film focusing solely on the Hulk in the near future.

This would seem to indicate that Joss is actively into at least his conceptual thinking for his script for The Avengers 2. We're still a long way from the film's scheduled May 1st, 2015 release date though, so perhaps the bigger piece of news is confirmation that we're unlikely to see a Hulk film anytime soon.

Edited to clean up some of my grammar... At this point, I take any news about The Avengers 2 from Joss as helpful in helping me in the long wait for this film haha.
A comment about a post about a tweet about a text, oh down in the valley-o...

Forgive my ignorance Wingdw, but what do you mean by "conceptual thinking?"

It was my understanding that Joss had already turned in his outline for the Avengers 2 - would he not have the pieces already in place when doing this? Or is an outline exactly as vague as it sounds?
I would imagine Joss would have handed in a detailed outline and the conceptual thinking was done well before The Avengers itself was even released. There's stuff in that film that will very much connect to the future and I can't imagine it being there without any forethought. Marvel has been in pre, post and production for Phase Two for a long while now. The plans are already in place even if the scripts aren't actually finished.
The movie can change alot from what a outline is. The outline just gives them a idea of what the movie will be like. Joss was changing the script for Avengers all through production but I think the major beats stayed the same. He said the only thing from his first draft that stayed the same was Black Widow's introduction.

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I'm guessing that Joss (and Marvel) want to make sure they don't lose Mark Ruffalo (who was so awesome as Banner/Hulk) so even though the script is secret they want to let him know that the character will not just be a repetition of what he already did. Actors don't like to keep doing the same thing, they want to know that their character is growing.
It's kind of funny that he wrote out "Joss Whedon". Maybe his grandparents don't know who's chiefly responsible for Avengers movies, but are still on twitter?
Joss probably isn't quite as well known to Ruffalo's usual indie Oscar Bait movie fans as one would think. There are still millions of people who saw The Avengers and still have no clue who this Josh Weeden dude is.
@RayHill: I began to sing your comment out loud the moment I saw it. Perfect!

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