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December 11 2012

(SPOILER) Partial Buffy Season 9 solicitations for March 2013. CBR has the solicitations and covers for Willow #5, Buffy #19, and the Buffy Season 9 Volume 3 trade.

The only cover I like is Jeanty's. All the rest are very bland.
I kind of dig the artsy-er of the Willow covers this time around.
And are we legit going to have Willow face off against herself? Could be interesting depending on how it's played
I think both the Willow covers are beautiful.
Could be interesting depending on how it's played

Yes. Hope it's more like Orpheus and less like Superman III.
That Buffy/Kennedy cover is absolutely gorgeous! Pretty ladies.

Don't even think of the possibility of someone important being kicked out of the curb in #19
The full solicitation for March can be found at Newsarama. A fan favorite character does grace both covers, and the Isaacs' cover is particularly chuckle-worthy.
I like these so much, I created a new front page entry for them.

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