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December 11 2012

Both The Avengers and The Cabin in The Woods in's Top 8 Movies of 2012. A very celebrated year of Joss according to the humour site's 'For Better and Worse' list. Plus they bring up an interesting comparison between Cabin and The Expendables 2.

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Well deserved for both movies but it's too soon for this kind of list. They should wait and see movies like "The Hobbit", "Les Misérables", or the new Tarantino.
They probably have seen those movies, probably gets screeners.

Should be noted this isn't a "Best Of". Their #8 is 'all the terrible and unnecessary reboots' (paraphrased) and they explicitly explain their intent for this and 7 other lists: "These 64 picks may not be the best the year had to offer, but they’re the movies, tweets and everything else that 2012 deserves."

Which, IMO, is a brilliant way of doing a 'best of' list. :)
I don't know If they would have. I would think everyone on Cracked would have needed to submit their top tens a few weeks ago, too, because that seems to be standard practice. Allows enough time to get everything tallied up.

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