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December 11 2012

'Buffy: The Making of a Slayer' is released today in the U.S.. Written by Nancy Holder, the book is "the first authorized, fully illustrated retrospective of the hit show".

I really like how this is a book that doesn't translate to an iPad easily. I may wait for a review on Amazon that shows a flip-through, but, I like the price and the prospect of unreleased behind-the-scenes photos. Seems like a book done right.
You can order a signed one here.
Signed by Nancy Holder, Amber Benson, Camden Toy and John Vulich.
I got it for 19USD, including shipping to Sweden(it will take several weeks, but still) back wne Amazon had it for around 11 dollars.

Just rubbing it in.

I actually wish I could have bought it for my Kindle, but I think I asked, and they had no plans to release it digitally.
Am I right in thinking that the US release is published by Amazon itself?
Indeed. 47North is Amazon's scifi/fantasy imprint.
So the one on Amazon UK is actually this crappy version/cover? :(
The UK version doesn't have the envelope of ephemera, nor the slipcase. Reviews say the American edition is superior.

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