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December 12 2012

Buffy Season 8 Library Edition Hardcover Volume 3 is out this week. It collect issues 21 to 30 and the MySpace Dark Horse Presents stories "Harmony Bites", "Harmony Comes to the Nation" and "Vampy Cat Play Friend".

These are truly wonderful (and, surprisingly, not all that expensive). For Buffy Season 9 I'm definitely going to wait until it will be available in this format. I know it will probably take a good long while, but for an edition this beautiful I'm more than willing to be patient.

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They are incredibly good value for money. You'd be paying a lot more if it was one of those DC Absolutes.
I own the first two volumes. They're awesome, but they're so HUGE that they won't fit on my bookshelf. Also super heavy. But beautiful none-the-less.

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