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December 12 2012

(SPOILER) Cover art for Angel & Faith #20. They're wonderful.

L really like both and might pick up both.I'm a sucker for homages like this Archie one.
Omg Spike and Angel together again...... I can't even handle this
This actually looks pretty good.
Christos Gage confirmed on twitter this is a one off and the title is, "Spike And Faith."
Faith gets to answer who's hotter between Lavinia and Sophronia ?
Awesome covers.
Heck, can Spike fially get his own mini - preferably wit Faith as a co-lead? They look so perfect together. Angel's just an old cagle. Flush he dude down the toilet already.
Faith, do what Buffy could never have done and choose both!

Do what Drusilla would do, in this case anyway!

Man, Spike looks rather gorgeous in that art style. Much better than he'd been looking on Buffy.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to see the Dysfunctional Duo back together again. Angel and Spike had the best chemistry with each other. There was that rivalry there and plus they just played off each other so well. I'm glad to see them back together to snark at each other, even if it's in comic book form.

(And I will pointedly ignore the Angel barb above mine, thank you very much.)
Heck, can Spike fially get his own mini
Am I missing something?
Ignoring is pointless! Spike 's gonna conjure it all.
Perhaps the Archie-inspired cover is in response to this. (Forgive me if this is old news. I just stumbled across it today in my comics shop when picking up the new Buffy book.)
Now imagine how cool it would be if allx4 were vampire/slayers! Double the intrigue! QUADRUPLE sex ! I dare not to do the math for kink.
Ok...I might be getting both covers this time around. I just LOVE Faith's face on the alternate.
I LOVE the Blondes vs Brunettes cover!
Season 5, #20 --> "The Girl in Question".
Season 9 #20 --> Angel, Spike and Faith.

A coincidence?
Love them both too. And that Archie homage cover. This is all excellent stuff.

And no we can't flush Angel away. Spike would cry, I know it. I have had enough gloomy Spike.
Archie style! How nice! ^^
Wow, that watercolor Willow cover is phenomenal. I like pretty much all the covers for each of the series.
Angel, will be present in "Spike and Faith"?

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