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December 12 2012

TV Guide's Best TV Show Fans contest winners. Firefly and Buffy are #4 and 6, respectively, and Battlestar Galactica and Veronica Mars (both of which Joss has said he's a fan of) are at #20 and 24, respectively.

I'm so glad that My Little Pony didn't win the fan favorites cover contest, that would have just been embarrassing.

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I wasn't even aware that My Little Pony was still around, let alone popular. Shows what I know.
I am stunned that x-files didn't make the top thirty...

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redders: Does that mean you're unaware of marvelous things like My Little Pony Dr. Horrible?
How can I enter the My Little Pony verse? Where do I start?
With Friendship Is Magic episode one, of course.

I'm surprised to see Family Guy so high. I've never really seen them as much of a fandom. Perhaps there was one before the show got brought back for the second time, but now? I never see anything Guy-related at all in the online circles.
I don't think so. I needed something to take my mind off the real world and my boys and I watched My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Pt 1&2.

I found the story enjoyable and well written. The lead is a quirky brainy female unicorn. The animation is good too.

My 12 year old says he "gets it" and my 6 year old tried to get episode three on. We had to go out.

On a day like today, it might help because its just so different.

Kudos to the Bronies.

Thanks @Jaymii

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