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December 13 2012

Olivia Williams will be on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight. It will air 12.35 AM/11.35 PM CST. Howie Mandel is also a guest. Here is a yt vid of her segment

Oh ho! This will be a fantastic interview, since these two are amicable exes and still have one hell of a spark! Their last chat, when Olivia was doing Dollhouse, was utterly superb :D
Morena Baccarin was just on the other night.
ETA: Fairly sure Olivia has been on once or twice since Dollhouse ended.

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Has she? Huh...I've just seen the one episode on YouTube, where Craig and Olivia are chatting about their mutual past and Dollhouse and struggling not to snog each other :P
I think she's only been on Craig's show once, when she was promoting Dollhouse. She's been mentioned on the show a few times with some of the guests, though. One was with Pierce Brosnan and the other was with Michael Sheen.

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