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February 20 2004 icons Several icons by dtissagirl to help spread the word.

We need to spread it fast, just annonced by ABC today that they were not going to renew the reality series the Mole - which is good news. However the producers paln on showing the show around to other networks - thus it's also bad news. Especially when you concider the show does maintain a high 18-34 demo for being on Wed nights at 10pm and actually tied L&O in the demo area for 7 weeks straight.

Also UPN has just announced commitments on 2 pilot pitches - both sitcoms called "Me, Me, Me" and "I do, I did, now what?" - the good news both sitcoms are being produced by FOX - which means they in the door at UPN perhaps enough to sneak Angel in as part of a deal. Even more news from UPN - KEVIN HILL (UPN) - Jon Seda ("Homicide: Life on the Street") is set to star opposite Taye Diggs in the drama pilot, which stars Diggs as a thirtysomething playboy lawyer who suddenly finds himself charged with raising his cousin's daughter.

Adding insult to injury the WB made an announcement this week basically what it regarded as Angel's replacement - DARK SHADOWS (WB) - Rob Bowman ("The X-Files") has been tapped to direct the Frog's remake of the cult classic series. Warner Bros. Television and John Wells Productions are behind the project, which is executive produced by Wells, Dan Curtis and Mark Verheiden.

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