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December 14 2012

Damion Poitier talks about playing Thanos in The Avengers. He's also appeared in Firefly, Angel and Dollhouse.

For anyone who wants to save themselves a trip to IMDb, the role he played in Firefly was a henchman in the episode "War Stories".
What a lovely, positive, pro-active chap he appears to be. And I can certainly see why he and Joss get along.
He was also Yankee in the Dollhouse Epitaph episodes and a stunt double in Angel S5. Nice to see that Joss takes care off even the bit part players.

That was a very enjoyable interview, he seems like a lovely guy and I loved his enthusiasm about playing Thanos.
Is it just me, or was it unclear whether he was joking when he got Marvel's SHIELD and DC's The Shield mixed up?
Personally I think he was joking. Also, he seems like a really cool guy.
It would be really funny if he got it mixed up with Shawn Ryan's "The Shield" - "So, Vic Mackey's desk job turned out to be here, but Agent Coulson is keeping an eye on him ..."
Definitely joking. Weird transcription.

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